Dry, Cold & Bloody

Winter has come to Brisbane and I am actually feeling it!! I never used to feel the cold, but I have definately felt it in the last week or so! My hands and face are feeling dry and my nose has been colder than a puppy’s since last Wednesday! Four minute showers (for the drought) just don’t give time to just stand there, letting the hot water pour all over you to warm up!!

Today was a funny ol’ day. It started with the kids sleeping in until 7.30am! I can’t remember the last time John and I were both still in bed at 7.30am together!! The day finished with John and I sitting in the emergency room at the Mater Hospital, waiting for his thumb to be stitched up!! The middle bit of the day was pretty cruisey, but I would have prefered having some time alone with John for the movies, rather than the hospital.

We were trying to open the washing machine, as there is a mouse or rat eating the plastic pipe (so every time I wash, water pours through the holes and fills up my laundry/bathroom). We just needed to see the pipe to be able to replace it. Something was jammed, we were both trying to jimmy bits and John slipped, slicing his thumb open VERY grosely, on some VERY sharp metal. I was nearly to the bone in a big arch the size of a 10c piece, but somehow managed to miss his tendon! VERY lucky, and very unlucky, too, I guess.

One indecisive doctor and four stitches later, we were headed back home again. A whole three hours to ourselves. 🙂

So, to lighten the groseness of that story, here are some layouts I’ve actually managed to finish lately. Come across to Scrapbook City to see the gorgeous new ranges from Making Memories and the new ‘Love, Elsie’ range. I have been busting to get my hands on the Elsie range and have been going crazy with it!! Well, you all should know by now, I love Elsie!!!

Also, don’t forget to check out this month’s fantastic Scrapbook Creations! The most wonderful Lusi Austin is the Artist in Spotlight!! She is amazing, both creatively and in her personality & faith. Well worth getting to know through the magazine and HERE.
xx S.

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