If You’re Interested…

…here are the two layouts I had in the latest Scrapbooking Creations.

The 20:40:60 with the Heidi Grace range:

The Top Ten Stamping feature:

This layout has been on my blog before. I do really love it, though. I love the ‘Thelma&Louise’-type photo of John and I. Incidently, a collegue of John had seen my name and wondered, dismissing the thought, whether I was John’s wife…. this layout gave it away. Yep, there aren’t too many Pearcy’s in Brisbane!

Also, here are a couple of other projects recently published:

Cherish Family was published as a project in the first ever edition of Scrapbooking Basics #1.

This cute exploding box is a project first learnt from Alicia. I modified the details ever-so-slightly to make more pages and a larger box. It was featured as a project in the latest Paper Creations #3. Thanks so much Alicia. You are always inspirational to me. 😉

xx S.

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