First Hasselblad Photos

Remember way back in September I mentioned I became the proud owner of a Hasselblad medium format camera? Well, I have finally scanned in some photographs to share (yes, it’s a film camera). These first ones are hilarious, as I was just photographing anything to see if the camera worked and to start learning any idiosyncrasies. So far, it seems to be a beautiful camera and I’m having fun with it.

I took the ‘Blad to Sydney in October and photographed Luna Park. I’ll share those images soon, too. For the moment, here are a few ‘teething’ shots, for something to show you (as promised, Dad).

I’ll get better, the more I practise. I am pretty happy with my Luna Park shots so far, so stay tuned!!
xx S.
Oh, PS… THANK YOU to all my beautiful family and friends who celebrated my birthday with me yesterday, whether in person or with calls, messages, texts, cards, emails and Facebook notes. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such lovely people!!
x S.

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