SM Phototech V10 No9

Every time the new edition of Scrapbooking Memories lands in my letterbox, I’m astounded that another month has passed by!! This month sees the Christmas edition, full of beautiful Christmas colours and projects.

Phototech is all about “Fun Photo Ideas for Christmas” and shows a few of my past Christmas photos – my Archilles Heal of photography!! I do really like, however, to take a photo of my kids each year, as the article states. My family and friends have come to expect an updated vision of my children.

Funnily enough, with the magazine filling my mailbox today, guess what we did yesterday??…. Yep, we took our Christmas photographs!!

I kept it simple this year, with the kids all wearing the same white T-shirts they wore last year (see the magazine) and standing in front of a material backdrop, stapled to a wall outside. I also included the new baby in the photographs, in the form of my massive baby-belly. I’m only seven months!! It’s going to be BIG at full term!!!

So, here we are, all ready for the front of the Christmas cards.

I also jumped into a couple on my own, as I have never overly recorded my previous pregnancies on film. (Wishing I had have ironed the material or had a mirror to hide that crease down the middle!!)

Awww…. a glowing, fat person!! Tee hee.
xx S.

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