Friday Night

I had a fun night last night at Alicia’s with Leish and Jill. Alicia makes a beautiful spag-bol (spaghetti from scratch – yum!) and it was nice sitting with her family having dinner.

I achieved absolutely nothing scrap-wise. I am so completely stuck at the moment. Hopefully I will have time to scrap today to try to get my Scrapapple DT stuff done – or at least started.

I am having problems with emails, too. Some emails I receive and others I don’t, so if you have been emailing me and receiving no response, please keep trying. I’m not ignoring you, just not hearing you – lol.

I’ve had to put word verification back onto my comments again, sorry. I love all your comments and read every one, but I am getting tired of the robot advertising comments from Anonymous that I keep receiving.

Boring post today. I hope to have something more exciting by the end of the weekend. We are going to the Ekka tomorrow – yay!!

xx S.

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