I’m Still Alive!

Phew! What a week!! So busy, and yes, I’m still alive and well!! Just a bad blogger.

Went to dinner with a couple of beautiful school mates last Saturday night. My friend Kat has just arrived home from Ohio, USA after months of working there and is off to Scone, NSW…. well, last Sunday – lol! She was only home for a week. She’s a Vet specialising in Equestrianisms… yes, I made that word up, but I am being particularly inarticulate at this late hour!!

‘Tis us! (Kat, Vonn & I) I couldn’t work out what the white thing on Kat’s nose was…. it’s her nose ring of course!! She’s only had it for 13 years!! I love these girls – shame we don’t see more of each other.

xx S.

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