:( So Now I’m Crying!

There’s only three weeks left until my very good friend, Alicia, leaves for New York. I’ve been pretty composed about it and tried to keep busy, but I am sad about it too.

This morning I told Amelia, Christopher & Nicholas that Alicia (, Michael) & Kyan are moving. I was trying to hold back the tears telling them, but the reaction was just too sad. Nick doesn’t understand, so he was fine. Christopher had a bit of a sad expression and immediately started planning all the things we HAVE to do before they go. Mia, my sweet little Mia, just stood there and burst into tears!

I’ve had her crying on my lap for nearly ten minutes. She’s now just sobbing a bit while she goes about her Saturday morning. So, okay, I cried! How am I going to be in three weeks time??

xx S.

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