Funniest Iluka Story

One of the reasons I was really keen to get back to Iluka for the weekend was the wildlife. Last time we were there, a pod of dolphins came into the bay and played. A sea eagle also came in and they all had a feeding frenzy on the fish that were there. It was really cool, but the lens on my camera just wasn’t good enough.

Since then, I upgraded my lens and was hoping to be so lucky.

Unfortunately, the weather was rubbish and the only life at the beach/bay were the idiot people who were braving the winds and the lashing sea air. No wildlife for me.

I surficed with shots of the road and trees and am reasonably happy with this photo, even though it makes me feel motion-sick to look at it enlarged.

The funny story?? Just after I took this photo, I lowered the camera to my lap and started playing with some settings. I was absorbed in what I was doing, when John started stammering beside me. In the time it took me to look up, a MASSIVE Wedge-tailed Eagle flew right in front of the car, at eye level, carrying the BIGGEST possum I have ever seen!!! It then landed on a rock beside the road and watched us. It must have stood almost 1m tall!!
The funniest part is I had absolutely NO time to pick up my camera and catch the photo of the year!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! For the rest of the trip home (and for days after), every now and then I would think of it and just say, “eagle carrying a possum”.
I can’t bear to think about it anymore. lol
xx S.

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