Swimming Carnival

The Yr 1-3 Swimming Carnival has come and gone. I am so proud of Amelia’s efforts.

None of my children can swim. They haven’t had lessons and I haven’t taught them, as I am allergic to chlorine and can’t be too close to a pool.

Amelia started her first swimming lessons three weeks before the Carnival. The school organises three weeks of block lessons where the kids swim nearly every day. These lessons started just one month after Amelia had a mis-hap in a pool and had to be pulled out. It was VERY frightening for both her and us as parents.

Initially, Mia was terrified, but after lots of talking and preparing her, she was ready for the lessons. They were progressing nicely until some awful little creature of a classmate pushed her head under the water, then the fear came out again.

To watch Amelia in the water at the Carnival, giving it her absolute best, was wonderful. I don’t know where the tears come from lately, but I cried when she came out after her first race. She was also crying, as the marshals forgot to give her a board or noodle (and she was too scared to ask). The ladies behind us were crying at us crying, too. It was quite amusing.

Nicholas came for the morning too. He was very good.

I love how squooshy Amelia’s face is with her goggles and cap on. Almost unrecognisable! Tee hee.
xx S.

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