Great Day

It’s after having great days like today, I realise how hard I struggle to keep my depression in check and how badly I’ve been doing that of late.

This morning the kids and I went to a Pirate birthday party for my good friend’s four year old. They all had a ball and everything was thought of – great games, lovely food, nice company.

Afterwards, I dropped the kids home and went over to Scrapbook City, then to my grocery shopping. It was really nice to have some time on my own and I found that I was smiling all afternoon.

I’ve always loved watching other people. Today I was less annoyed about the number of *stoopid* people who’s paths I crossed. I was more amused in the ridiculous manner in which people behave. General cranky people, who would feel better if they just smiled once in a while. The hoon in his car, dangerously weaving in and out, just to end up one car ahead of where he was. There was the guy who ran through/ignored a Give Way sign and nearly wiped me out….. I took my right of way with a big smile. I was also nearly wiped out by an idiot doing 80kph in the 60 zone at the end of my blind street. None of these things worried me today.

I had that excited feeling in my stomach, like something was about to happen. I hope this good feeling will last forever!!

xx S.

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