Moving My Scrap Space

My scrapbooking sale went really well, thanks to all who supported me. I was so happy to meet some lovely ladies whom I’ve only ever chatted with online. Most of my stock was sold, leaving me with about a box-full of odds and ends. Thank you.

I have been busy trying to clear everything out from under the house, so we are ready to demolish downstairs for renovations. My scrap room is the first to go and it’s given me an excellent chance to cull so many products I’ve been hording and clear up the mess.

As you can see, it was a mess!! I took these photos after I had already taken a fair bit of stuff out, hence the gaps. Rest assured it was stacked to the rafters, before that!!

My scrap space has now moved into our master bedroom. When the renovations are complete, the existing kitchen/dining will become the master bedroom with ensuite. The kitchen/dining will be moved downstairs. The existing master bedroom will become my scrap room!! I’ll finally have a clean, air conditioned space to have small crops with my friends in – yay!!

In the meantime, we have bought a huge book shelf from Ikea for my scrap stuff. We built it in the bedroom and it will never be coming out!! It weighs a tonne! It seals the deal that this will eventually become MY room!!

I have three empty shelves to fill with the last of my stash or to display layouts. The bottom five squares have slide out boxes with all my knitting yarn and half-finished jumpers in. I really need to finish though – lol.

So that is me for the moment. We hope to have everything renovated by Christmas. I’m eager to start and get it over with.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing my excitement!
xx S.

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