I’ve Taken the Plunge!

I’m so excited to announce that I am opening my new studio in 2010!!  I am working on fitting it out and making it a beautiful place to be and will be using the studio to specialise in babies, children and families.

I still intend to be a location photographer and am working my way into weddings also, but the studio has long been my goal.

It’s a bit rough at the moment and needs a lot of TLC and work, but I have BIG plans!!  I’ll keep you posted with photographs as I work my way through renovating my little space at Camp Hill, Brisbane.  It is on the main arterial, with thousands of cars driving by daily!!  How nerve-racking!!

There are actually four big windows across the front, for a natural light studio.  The old shop fittings are on the footpath in this photo, waiting for collection.

The studio space is a little longer than this picture shows.  I can’t wait to rip up that carpet!!!

I’m thinking I’m a tad crazy stepping into this with only ten weeks to go before I have my fifth baby!!  Maybe I am crazy, but I’m so happy and having a ball working out what I’m doing with this space!!  Keep checking back for updates and the grand opening in 2010!!!

xx S.

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