Working Hard on the Studio

I’m so excited as more gets done for the new studio!!  I have so many fabulous things planned, so thought I’d share a couple of things that are going on.

As I type this, the carpet is being ripped up, with new floors being layed on Friday!  As soon as the floors are in, all the boxes can be sent over, unpacked and furniture put together.  The leather couches arrive early next week!!

I have a few very special wall make-overs planned and the baby-pod is almost finished in its design.  I picked up the most gorgeous set of drawers and baby couch plus some awesome kids toys!  How cute is this….  ?

I’m still on the look-out for a few things, though.  I really want an old fashioned calico bunny rabbit with big floppy ears.  If anyone sees one, please let me know!!  🙂

I’ve been knitting up a storm and have dozens of baby beanies, cocoons and pods ready for the newborn shoots.  I’m losing track of all the gorgeous rugs and wraps I’ve been accumulating for the past couple of years ready for a studio!  I can’t wait to pull them all out and discover my forgotten stash!!

On a personal note….  bubby #5 is doing well in my belly.  I’ve never had such a lively, bouncing baby, which makes me wonder what kind of a person they’ll be once they have arrived!  Maybe not so easy-going as James is.  LOTS of fun, no doubt!!

I’m busy editing a number of photoshoots and will share a couple of photos soon – I promise!!  Somehow it’s been even busier now that most of my kids are on school holidays!!  I’m pretty keen to share what I’ve been up to, though.

In the meantime, congrats for getting to the end of this post!!  Take care and I’ll update again soon.
xx S.

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