Jumping to Conclusions!!

Thanks for the Comments and Emails from all my friends who were jumping to conclusions!! Okay, yes, the baby news you have been waiting for is coming…..

It’s not all that exciting (well the first part isn’t, but I personally think the second part is)… I am NOT pregnant (I think). After over a week of tiredness, morning sickness-type symptons and the fact that I am ‘late’, the little stick points to negative. It appears I’m NOT pregnant. This is the second time in the past year I’ve suspected I might be and I’m not. Oh well, it would be nice either way.

Sorry to cause so much suspence!

Secondly and most fantastically, my sister-in-law, who has been trying almost since she was married, is EXPECTING!! (A couple of you already know, but I think this is totally blog-worthy!) Her pregnancy was confirmed FIVE YEARS (to the day) from when they decided to start trying!!! How exciting is THAT for her?? There have been heaps of tears of joy in the family for her and now my children won’t be the youngest grandchildren!!

My sister-in-law is in her late thirties, so I guess the obsticles are higher as you get older. It’s still early days, but we are all here for her and enjoying the news. This bub will be the first in our family since losing my nephew in 2004, so I think we are in for a bit of emotion along the way, too.

Not what you were expecting, but still great news, huh?

xx S.

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