Song Title – Bad Day

This weekend’s challenge is to complete a layout with one of seven song titles. I wasn’t sure which one I could use…. until today happened! I’ve chosen ‘Bad Day’. My layout will be mainly journaling, which is different for me and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. My journaling will be the following passage, which I have added to my blog, because my day was so bad it was funny! Beware, this is a long post!!

Bad Day (but it’s not over yet)

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as things start going wrong, they generally just tend to keep snow-balling for me. It started with Christopher having an accident in bed. Lucky for me, John cleaned it up and had all three children in the bath when I woke up. I wasn’t feeling very well and have had tiredness and nausea for five days. I’m ‘late’ and have had time to get a little excited over maybe being pregnant again. Test says ‘no’. Ho hum, not to worry…. John said to make sure I get outside today and get some fresh air to help. We are desperate for fruit and vegetables, so I assured him I would get them today.

I was getting dressed for the day and heard a strange noise. I had a bit of a funny feeling, so checked on the noise…. Nicholas is in the lounge room with the box of Rice Bubbles, transferring all the cereal from the box to the couch in little fist fulls. Rice Bubbles are crunching everywhere! I vacuumed that up, put the breakfast things away and lock the pantry.

I had a little lie down mid-morning as I was still tired and a bit off. I had that funny feeling again, then I heard the microwave being closed and the buttons being pressed. When I came into the kitchen, not only is Christopher trying to microwave a bowl of ‘ingredients’ with a metal tea spoon still in it, but Nicholas is elbow deep in a half-empty brand new bag of flour – the kitchen was covered in flour and Nicholas (also flour-covered) has no pants or nappy on and has blue biro from his ankles to his genitals! Apparently they can now reach the pens as well as UNlock the pantry!! Nicholas had another bath, then bed while I vacuumed the mess.

I had to get out of the house, so we all went to Carindale to get the fruit and vege and some photos printed. The photo machine is broken – no photos. Tried on some clothes for Mother’s Day, seeing as the children were being good. In the change room, Christopher changed his mind and screamed and yelled and opened the curtain when I was only in my bra and undies! At the counter, Christopher BIT me! I was so shocked I gave him a little whack, but unfortunately got his face as he ducked! I could have cried and people looked!! I wished the ground would open up and swallow me!

Nicholas filled his nappy in the worst possible way, which, upon discovering it, is when I had the visual memory of walking past his nappy bag on the way out and not picking it up. Back to the car where I took Nicholas’ shirt off and tied it around his waist so the mess that had spilt out the back of his nappy wouldn’t get on the car seat. I’ll just have to get him home to change him. We got home okay and the kids are all clean, feed and happy watching television. I’m calming down and looking forward to John coming home and….. oh, no!!! I’ve forgotten to buy the fruit and vegetables!!! What’s for dinner??

xx S.

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