October. October??


I am in complete denial of how much of this year has already passed!! I cannot believe it’s October already!! Wow, I guess having my first two children start school this year has really pushed the year faster.

School holidays are nearly to an end and we’ve had a ball. We haven’t done anything too spectacular, but have really enjoyed each other’s company. We are now on the home run for the end of their first year. I can’t wait for the end of year concerts and parties.

All five of us went to the movies to see ‘Surf’s Up’ last week. That was fun. The movie was average, but the magic of all of us going to the theatre was exciting. Do you remember that exciting feeling of visiting the cinema, when you were a child? We only did it about once a year (as do my kids – this was their third or fourth movie in the cinemas) ~ it took almost as long to get to the city as it did to the beach for us (about 40mins), so it was always special. We’d get dressed up and Dad would always slip us some money, behind Mum’s back, to get popcorn.

The cinemas are all so close now, there’s so many of them. We still get all dressed up and make it special, although there is no money being slyly slipped… I just buy them a big popcorn to share.

Apart from school holidays, I’ve been super busy with deadlines, classes and photography stuff. I’m loving the lack of routine with school holidays, but really look forward to Mia and Chris being back at school so Nick can go back to having a sleep. Poor little might is just SO tired, but doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

Better keep running. I shouldn’t even be here!!

Sorry there are no photos again. I will try better next time I manage to blog!
xx S.

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