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I’ve had a few comments in the past week or so about how unkept my blog is. I’m sorry… things are just so busy. I have stacks of photos (and no layouts) to share, but I don’t have them with me!! I’ll have to drop back in as soon as I can to update properly.

Be assured, all is well. I might do a quick dot point to catch up:

* Tried on Bridesmaid’s dress for Ally’s wedding next year. I’m Matron of Honour and I have a STACK of weight to lose first, so I don’t embarrass her in the dress. It’s very flowy and pretty.

* I’ve been madly scanning in negatives of my wedding and having a trip down memory lane.

* The other day I tried on my wedding dress and it now fits again!! Mia thought I looked like a princess. 😀

* Mel has been very busy booking us out for Point Shoot Play classes. We are even going to Bundy early November.

* I put together a photo book with some of my favourite photos, using HP SnapFish. I had a discount coupon, so saved $39.95. 😀

* I’m working on my wedding album (Momento) and hope to have it done by Sunday, to be able to claim my $30 off coupon.

* John has been home sick. Throat infection and sinus. Poor thing. The kids and I have been relatively well.

* Went to see “Surf’s Up” today as a family. I love being out with them all and they were all very well behaved. The movie was okay – not too keen on some of the language, but the story was nice enough.

* I haven’t scrapbooked for months, but need to do a few layouts for a magazine, so hope to get my gear out this week. I miss my scraproom.

* My very beautiful friend from school, Vonnie, became engaged late August!! Congrats Hon!!! Love you!!

* The chickies are growing up now. They are three weeks old and look like they have been hit with the ugly stick. I guess that’s chicken adolescense for you! (sorry ?sp) Marty still wants to eat them, so they still live in a box in my loungeroom.

* End of month at work today (for me), so I had better get running and do some work!

Take care.
xx S.

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