Quiet Weekend

This is the first real quiet weekend we’ve had for a while and I really needed it. The kids are helping John downstairs and I am quietly completing our tax returns (which I enjoy, believe it or not). Just thought I’d drop into my blog and say hi.

I’ve been playing with PSE brushes and trying to work out how to create exactly what I’m after. These two photos have been enhanced using various brushes found on the net…

Amelia had been playing in the dress-up drawer at her Grandma’s – best dress-up drawer I’ve ever seen!!! The drawer is the size of TWO LARGE suitcases!!! I could fit all three of my kids inside it and still be able to close it!! The kids bury themselves in all sorts of dress-ups.

This day, their Aunty Kathleen was there and she helped Amelia with a little make-up.
xx S.

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