Renovations – No End in Sight!

In case you are wondering, YES, we are still renovating!  We’ve been living in our little ‘construction site’ for so long now….  maybe nearly a year?  I can’t remember.  John loves doing the work and wants to do most of it himself, limited to the one day a week he has off.  No wonder he is so tired!

My office is nearly complete (well, I only have to move in and make it pretty), so I will have photos to share soon.  In the meantime, here are two snippets of the new sections that make me smile.

The new chalkboard keeps a tally of the kids’ reward ‘ticks’.  They receive one tally (or more, depending on the reward) for good work – cleaning their room, setting the table, getting their homework done early in the week, helping each other out, etc…  if they do things WITHOUT being asked, they get extra ‘ticks’.  (We call them ‘ticks’ as, when we first started the system some years ago, they used to receive ticks on a piece of paper.  I found them time consuming to add up all the time, though – tallies are much quicker.)  Each ‘tick’ is worth ten cents.  The kids get paid into their money box or when there is something they’d like to buy.  Mia is always saving up for a new Beanie Kid.  Obsessed, I tell you.  I have NO idea where her obsessive behaviour comes from!!  (Mwahahaha.)

Next to the Tick Board, is my new hook plate for hanging all our kitchen aprons.  I’ve wanted one for so long, so, even though it may seem a very small thing, it makes me happy.

Everyone has one of these wooden people from Ikea, right?  My kids all have one and this one is mine.  She lives on an unfinished window sill that we all walk past every day.  Every other day, someone will change her pose, which makes us all laugh.  She was doing a little Irish jig this day.

I will share my office soon, plus give an update on the rest of the house.  It’ll be fantastic when it’s finished.
xx S.

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