Still Surviving

I’m back to say HI!! Thanks for everyone’s warm wishes. I seem to be much better now and almost back to normal, just feeling a bit tired.

Alicia and I are both still in the Survivor game and going well. We are past half way and the numbers are certainly dwindling. Alicia hasn’t received any votes and I have only received one, which Leish thinks was a tacticle vote.

Here are the most recent layouts for the comp…..

Week 3 Challenge: Black and white everything, except one piece of ribbon and photo/s.

Week 4 Challenge: Mosaic

Immunity Challenge (I won immunity – yay!!!): Lots of journaling, pink something and about a female.

Week 5 Challenge: List of items.

Week 5’s immunity challenge will be announced tomorrow. I haven’t completed all the immunity challenges. I haven’t had time for so many layouts in each week!

xx S.

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