On The Mend

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes. I think I am turning the corner and will soon be on the mend. I’m now only on two sets of antibiotics and starting to feel a little normal.

I just wanted to jump on my blog and tell you about my gorgeous four year old, Chris. I haven’t made a big deal about being sick, as that is not the message we want to send to our kids, but they do know I’m not well.

Today, I managed to hang out three loads of washing, but haven’t had the energy to bring it in yet. I was having a rest and thought suddenly, I can’t hear the boys!! I stepped outside and Christopher has the slide pushed under the clothes line, has swivelled the line down to its lowest and is taking all the clothes off the line for me!!! What a champ! I love this little boy – he is so sweet and thoughtful.

He sees me standing there looking at him and says, ever so sweetly, “Don’t worry Mummy, I’m nearly finished. You need your rest.” I could have cried! How beautiful is this little boy!!

xx S.

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