The Pier

Just a quick entry while I’m waiting for a gallery to render.

I have three weeks left of this pregnancy and it has been rather smooth sailing until now.  I have to admit, this cold my family has passed to me has knocked me for a six!  I hope to be through it soon and hope the pulled muscles down my side manage to heal before I go into labour!  It’s been a long few weeks.

On the up side, everyone else seems to be nearly over it.  James still has an awful barking cough, but only in the day.  John has one week left at work before he gets to hang out at home with me while I nest.  🙂  The kids (well, Mia, Chris and Nick) are back to school in ten days.  The Summer holidays have flown past WAY too fast for me!!  We have had a great time.

Thanks for checking in on me!  Here is a quick shot taken down at Shorncliffe (?) Pier last month.  I had a little play with the image in one of my quieter moments.

I’m not sure I’m liking the new photo banner.  I might have to have a play with it again, when I get the chance!
xx S.

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