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I’ve had lots of enquiries about the studio, how it is going and when it will open.  Opening depends entirely on when my baby is born and how quickly I can get back on my feet.  I’ve pretty much come to a stand-still with progress in the studio, as the next things that need doing are major and I just can’t do them on my own (ie. build a couple of walls and some heavier bits of furniture, more the leather couches, etc).  Hopefully these will be the first things done once Bubs is here, so I can get on with the smaller things.

I do have a couple of iPhone photos to share, just so you can see some of the things I’ve put together…

I’ve been antiques shopping a fair bit and have managed to find a stack of old suitcases, an original Bushells wooden crate, a trike from the 1930’s and a cute old scooter.  I just like looking at them in the corner of the room.

I have been able to put together most of my white furniture, including the two bookshelves and coffee table seen in the photo above.

LOVE these planes!!

I’ve also ripped out the carpet and, after much stress and trouble, had the new floors laid.  They should come up fantastically in shoots…  just not with the iPhone!!  You get the idea, though:

It’s coming together!
xx S.

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