Meg & Liam’s Sneak Peek || Brisbane Photographer

A very funky couple, this pair!  Thanks to Meg & Liam for your patience with these photos.  The shoot was fun and I’m loving working through the best of the images!!  Here are a few of my initial favourites…

This is my all-time favourite…  We were walking through the parklands and decided to stop at some bamboo to be cute – then we saw it…  “M + L = {heart} 4 ever”!!  Couldn’t have been more perfect!

It was already there – honest!!!

I have to add this last one in…  Meg & Liam’s story is really cute – I won’t go into huge details, but they met at a train station (hence the photos at the station) and would like yellow to be a bit of a theme.  This is why I love this last shot I’ll share with you:

Okay, just one more, I just love these pics so much….

xx S.

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