Welcome to Baby James Liam

Hi all!!

Thank you so very much for all the emails, comments, messages, visits to my Facebook page and general congratulations on the birth of our gorgeous James Liam Pearcy!  Thank you to Alicia for jumping on my blog and Facebook to announce his arrival.

James was born at 5.11pm on Friday 23rd January 2009, after a 71min established labour.  He came out quick and my OB only just caught him.  Afterwards, my OB said to me, “Well, that was impressive.”  I laughed.  I had previously warned him to not go far and to come back with his catcher’s mit…  I don’t think he fully believed me, but did assure me he would stand in the corridor practising with a tennis ball.  🙂

James is my littlest bub at 8lb 4oz (3.75kg).  He was so much easier to deliver than my last bub (at 10lb 7oz)!!  We made it through the hospital stay and are still seriously sleep deprived, but what new mother isn’t?

I’ve barely taken my camera out, which is such a shame, as James is growing and changing fast already.  I didn’t even get photos of the kids on their first day of school!  I was only home from hospital the day before, so I hope they will forgive me in future years – lol.

Here are a few of baby James today…

Look at this headful of hair!  James matches all my other three with having lots of hair on his head.  It’s the first thing anyone usually comments about.

As you can imagine, I am quite taken with this little prince and the other kids think the world of him.  They can’t wait to say good morning to him each day and kiss him good night each evening.  Lucky for me, I still have John home for another three weeks to help out.

Renovations are still in progress and I still don’t even have my kitchen all together.  My house looks like a construction site and I’m just having to get by doing the bare minimum for the moment while I recover.  Recovering from this fourth baby has been a whole different world than the last three.  I’m not sure if this is because I’m so much older or because of the constant state of busy that my home is in.

Take care.  I’ll report back soon.
xx S.

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