Eight Year Old Party

How cute!  Today Amelia attended a Gecko birthday party for a school friend.  They had all these gorgeous animals (mostly reptiles) to show and touch and the kids had a really great time!  I just had to share some photos with you.  These aren’t my favourite, but they are the ones with either just Amelia or no faces, as I didn’t ask parental permission to publish any of the shots.

This snake is so cute.  It was the smaller of two and all the kids (but one) were brave enough to have a hold.  Amelia really wanted me to hold it, as she didn’t think I was brave enough, but I missed out.  I held the NEXT snake, though.  She was VERY impressed!

Check this one out!!  This is Sumo.  I didn’t get a photo holding him, but wished I had have.

Snappy was one of the first animals to be introduced.  He was fussy, but most of the kids still handled him well.

I don’t remember this little girl’s name.  She is a squirrel-glider and had very sharp claws, but very soft fur.

It was a fun party.  Thanks to Emma who was great with the kids and her animals!!
xx S.

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