End of an Era

Today I penned (and photographed) my last Phototech article for Scrapbooking Memories magazine.  I’ve been writing for the mag for a little over two years and am very grateful for my time with them.  Thanks to SM, Kristy, Cassie and all the other people I’ve come in contact with during this time.  My last article will be published in Vol 11 No 11, so there are still another few articles to come out between now and then.

With the end of one era, begins a new era.  I am finding I don’t have as much time as I used to, so have had to drop many activities I love to make way for my family and trying to keep up with our household.  So, what is this NEW era?  I hear you ask…

John and I are expecting our FIFTH baby!!  Come February 2010 we will welcome baby FIVE into our home.

Mia, Chris and Nick are ecstatic about the news and I’m sure baby James will be a good big brother.  The new baby will be only twelve months younger than James.

*NB.  These are Amelie’s shoes from a photoshoot earlier this year.  NOT indicative of our baby’s gender, as we will not be finding out before he/she is born.

On another sweet note, thought I’d share an image I have recently take for a photography assignment.  The best part of this (according to my kids) was that Mia, Chris and Nick were allowed to EAT the subjects after the shoot!!

Yummo!!  So now I’m off to bed.  I’ve had a head-cold and need to look after this little bump in my belly.  Take care.
xx S.

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