Heartfelt – a resignation

It is with a heavy heart I announce that I handed in my resignation to Heartfelt late last year.  I have been a photographer with Heartfelt (and previously, as it was known, ACOCP) for many years.  I’m thrilled there are now a multitude of photographers available to volunteer and it is my turn to be a supporter from the sidelines.

During my time as a Heartfelt volunteer I met some beautiful people in the worst moments of their lives.  I’ve met some friends for life.  I have witnessed the most amazing and also the most desperate moments.  I have cried many tears – in sadness and happiness.

It was a huge decision for me to make, to resign from this amazing group of people.  I agonised over it for months, as I truly love and believe in Heartfelt.  In the end, the pressures of my life, my own five beautiful children, my need to concentrate more on my business and my commitments with the AIPP led me to the decision.  I will continue to support Heartfelt in any way I can.

Thank you to the wonderful people at the Mater Mother’s Hospital.  You are compassionate beyond belief.
x S

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